Monday, 2 July 2012

A reason to be cheerful?

I had the pleasure of stewarding the museum exhibition at the Burnham Art Trail this weekend. It's a great chance to engage with artists and art appreciators. What came as a welcome surprise was the amount of sales on the books. I, and many of the other artists, sold very well – a distinct upturn compared to last year – so it left me wondering whether I witnessed the first 'green-shots' of an art-buying revival. I definitely hope so!

Also, I learnt a number of vital lessons:

1. make sure the display easel's screws are sufficiently tightened, and check that they are not top-heavy – mine fell over twice!
2. produce leaflets, which people can take away, and display a biography – although only a couple of leaflets were taken, it may lead to interest in the future.
3. frame the paintings well – it doesn't need to be expensive, but quality, bespoke, framing really improves the look of the painting.

Evening clouds


  1. Totally agree with everything, I think my framing leaves a lot to be desired and it's something I need to address soon, but I have had to many other priorities at the moment, I have seen a bit of an upturn at the studio, so maybe it's going to be an ever increasing market, we can only hope :-)

  2. Just found your blog after following you for a while on Folksy and Facebook. Love your work and looking forward to seeing more here too. Take care. Laura x

  3. Btw just letting you know I'm adding your blog to my blog list. Hope that's OK. Laura x