Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Small steps…

To be honest, I don't really care if doesn't come easy anymore… I actually welcome it. I firmly believe that you only learn from your  mistakes… it's a necessary part of the development process. It's not about now, but getting where you want to be. The transition from watercolours to the acrylic medium has been difficult, but a essential change. Of course, a requisite number of efforts have been filed in the bin, but I feel that it is slowly coming together.


Thursday, 21 June 2012

A loosener…

After the past week's efforts, to try and get my stuff together for the forthcoming art trail, it was nice to get back to some painting. I thought I'll try and paint something that wasn't too taxing, in technical terms, but, at the same time, experiment with an idea that has been floating around my head for a little while. Usually, I would give my under-colour wash a warm hue, so I wondered how a painting begun with a cool temperature would look. As it was going to be a cold colour, I concluded that a snow scene would probably be the most apt for this treatment. I took my inspiration from the local Essex landscape, once again, and produced this…

Out in the cold

I have left some of the under-painting visible, as I didn't want the finished piece relentlessly white. I'm reasonably pleased with the results.

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

More blurb…

In preparation for this week's Burnham Art Trail, I've got to write some more blurb. Gawd, I hate writing them, but here goes…
I have, since a child, been fascinated by the varied wild, remote, areas of Britain, be it moorland, mountain or coastal low-land. These works, on display, are inspired by the distinctive landscapes of East Anglia, and the local surroundings in eastern Essex, in particular. Depicting this often bleak scenery, in an interesting, insightful way, presents a challenge. The landscape is usually featureless, expansive and lacking in any distinctive focal point. Thus, I have resorted to the use of abstraction as a way to portray the sense of openness, loneliness and beautiful isolation of these places.
I have been painting semi-professionally for approximately four years. In this time I have sold many paintings domestically and, more recently, internationally, via the internet and galleries in the South East of England. 
If you want to see more of my work, I have produced a small leaflet featuring some of my other recent pieces. There are other unframed works, and prints, you will be able to view, and buy, at the museum. If you want to purchase please visit my online store at: These shop details, along with contact addresses, are also listed on the leaflet available within the shop.
Thanks for looking,
Cirrus over lazy fields

Just behind

Monday, 18 June 2012

Framed up…

For once, I'm almost organised! I've just picked-up my framed paintings which will form part of my entry for this year's Burnham Art Trail. In fact, it's the first time I've had bespoke frames made-up, and I really pleased with the end result. My framer suggested limed tulip-wood, which complements the works perfectly. Here are some of the end results, modelled by my impish helpers…


Just behind
(quite apt eh?)

Quality joints… I wonder if he does kitchen worktops?

Wednesday, 13 June 2012


…when is it going to start? Answers please!

8 x 8