Monday, 24 September 2012


I thought, for once, I was ahead of the game. Six framed paintings ready to be put on display at the Maldon Art Trail, which starts this weekend… but Life's never that simple. Two bits of good, but slightly inconvenient, news: one of the framed pieces is wanted by a gallery, along with four other works; and a print-on-demand gallery wants a hi-res scan of another framed piece. Both instances are excellent examples of why the good advice I received from my framer should be heeded: "Make your paintings the same size, and then you can swap the pictures in the frames. It's cheaper." And it's easier too. Perfect sense.

Early fall
(one that needs to be scanned)

Monday, 17 September 2012

Yes… it's me

I've decided, for better or for worse, to change the way I authenticate my paintings. I've noticed a few artists who employ a monogram in preference of the more-traditional signature. Personally, I found them more discrete, so I made my my own. However, I've been warned by one fellow artist friends that the monograph could be received poorly by galleries etc… just my luck! Oh well.

Autumn Dawn
(the monograph is in the bottom left-hand corner)

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Cooked and under-cooked…

I participated in my first art fair (Art on the Prom 2012 at Felixstowe). I've been asked a few times "how did it go?" Despite being burnt to a crisp, quite well – certainly not what I was expecting (ever the pessimist). Below is a brief synopsis of the day.

I must admit I didn't hold out much hope on the sales front, although I could have sold one item several times over… however, the improvised paper-weight, a rather splendid Cornish pebble, wasn't for sale. The show did provide me with a rare opportunity to gauge honest reaction to my newer work. I'm quite steadfast in the belief that my recent change of medium, and development of style, will be beneficial in the long-run, but it was great to witness that my newer acrylic works, as opposed to my earlier watercolour paintings, were generally much better received.

The weather was glorious, thus attracting lots of visitors. Sadly, due to my late application, I did not have the most advantageous position (perhaps half of the foot-fall of pitches situated closer to the restaurants/attractions), and my display and general organisation was a little 'under-cooked' (lots of lessons learnt on that front). Fortunately, I managed to sell an original painting, and a few other bits-and-pieces, thus returning a decent profit. 

Will I do it again? Yes! I can see how a fair, like this, could be very good for a self-representing artist. Next time I will much better prepared… I'll take some sun-cream for starters.

If you have any specific questions about my experience at the fair, or if you have any suggestions for other art fair/shows within the Essex and Suffolk area, please leave a little comment either on here, or on my facebook page []. I will try to answer as soon as possible. Thanks.

PS. Congratulations to my good wife. She had the stall next to mine. It was her first show too, and she managed to sell a couple of her gorgeous cushions. They were quality items, and priced accordingly to the level of skill and work involved. I hope this gives her the confidence to progress. Also, I appreciate her much needed help with my stall… ta love!

Open moorland
One of my newer works on display