Monday, 24 September 2012


I thought, for once, I was ahead of the game. Six framed paintings ready to be put on display at the Maldon Art Trail, which starts this weekend… but Life's never that simple. Two bits of good, but slightly inconvenient, news: one of the framed pieces is wanted by a gallery, along with four other works; and a print-on-demand gallery wants a hi-res scan of another framed piece. Both instances are excellent examples of why the good advice I received from my framer should be heeded: "Make your paintings the same size, and then you can swap the pictures in the frames. It's cheaper." And it's easier too. Perfect sense.

Early fall
(one that needs to be scanned)


  1. Love these vibrant pieces Paul. Congratulations on all the demand!

  2. So pleased you are doing so well with these stunning paintings. I've cheated really using 12" square white wood frames but use different size mounts for the 5" or 7" square paintings.

  3. hey thats nothing to complain about - i know plenty of artists that would want that particular problem... :)