Tuesday, 28 February 2017

A new home…

We recently took the decision to leave rural Essex and move to mid-Wales. We're now located near the Cambrian mountains, thus the stunningly beautiful landscapes of Elan valley, Radnor Forest, and other hills are only within a fifteen minute drive or so. Obviously, the scenery around these parts is immensely inspiring and varied, although that is not to say Essex is without it's coastal wildernesses too and East Anglia will always be close to my heart, but this is only part of the reason we chose to move. My wife and I have always yearned to walk over moor and mountain as we did in the days before we started a family. Now, with my children at school, we have the time to reach and explore the terrain, plus there are walks and climbs that we can enjoy as a family too. I'm not sure how this new landscape will affect my work, but I am feeling inspired. Exciting times lay ahead.

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